This is a (work in progress) list of zines I have organized and/or participated in.

Modded Zines

A New Lead - Finance, Shipping
Bolt From The Blue - Shipping
2000s Gothic Zine - Art, Senior Mod
In Camera - Consultation, Senior Mod
Geass Fragments - Layout, Shipping
Chuunosuke Zine - Finance, Shipping
Full Steam Ahead - Co-lead Mod
From ShinRa with Love - Layout, Senior Mod
Honorary Maids of London - Solo Mod
DR Calendar Project 2022 - Solo Mod
Decade of Despair DR Anthology - Lead Mod
Velvet Room - Solo Mod
3.10.75 A Waver Velvet Anthology - Solo Mod
A Team Rider Anthology - Solo Mod
B4V3 DR Zine - Lead Mod
Cafe Harmony DR Zine - Lead Mod
Onigiri - Co-lead Mod
Happy Place - Solo Mod
Note: Lead and Co-lead roles include finance/shipping responsibilities
Senior and Consultation include assisting with various other roles

Other Zines

DOGS Zine - page artist
TAITRONICA - cover artist
All Dogs Go To Heaven - page artist
DGS Crime Zine - page artist
Desire: An Asoryuu Marriage - page artist
AOSD: Vanessa Only Book - page artist
Unofficial SMT & Persona Guide - cover artist
Tatsujun Zine - page + merch artist
FFVII Multimania - page artist
Bulletproof Heart - page artist
Crystal Gems Zine - page artist

Personal Zines

Zines I made completely on my own or with my partner PersonaRider's Tiddies - an Iskandar illustration book
Waver Dress-up Collection - a Waver Velvet illustration book
Minivangelion - an Evangelion comic
The King of Gamers - a One Punch Man comic
P4Girl - a New Game+ Persona 4 comic
Super Amala Midnight 2 - an SMT comic anthology
Amala Midnight - an SMT comic anthology